Lady Fortune shown on us today, 107 miles of near bliss

Day 17: Quincy to Springfield, Illinois, 107 miles, a MUCH better day

A thunderstorm was forecast for 6:00, so we weren't anxious to get going today. However, the storm came earlier, and rain had stopped, so, off they went by 6:30. Ken got a flat within the first 5 miles, but that was the last of the mechanical trouble for the day.

The winds were favorable at first, then as the guys turned SE, they headed into the wind for about 13-15 miles. When Jerry reached me where I waited about the 20 mile mark, he was not a happy camper, as it was too reminiscent of yesterday. Fortunately, the route turned east again and the wind shifted a bit to the west, and all of the rest of the day was awesome. The last 40 miles were particularly great with the stiff wind pushing them on.

I had a chance to ride today, by parking at the SAG stop in Jacksonville at mile 67 and rode back 11 miles to meet them. The shoulder was wide and smooth, and the winds, while strong, were mostly from the side, so it was a great ride. I rode back most of the way with Jerry, for a good 22 mile work out.

Everyone feels good tonight and looking forward to an even easier day tomorrow, with only 77 miles planned from Springfield to Tuscola, Illinois with less than 250' from the lowest point to the highest point. So, even the "hills" should be mild, and with a 5-9 mph tailwind, this should be fun.


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