A great 77 mile rest day, at last...

Day 18: Springfield, Illinois to Tuscola, Illinois, 77 miles, flat, calm, nice temperatures.... What's not to like?

Yes, Greetings from Tuscola

"Oh, I hate these D__n hills", (said nobody)
Today was about as good a day as you can get on a bike. The guys were rewarded for their efforts in the hills of Missouri to enjoy the flats of Illinois. With decent temperatures (they were done before noon, so it didn't get a chance to get hot before they were done), the miles flowed past. We were trying to figure out what direction the low wind was coming from, but were unsure, it was that light. All we knew was it was not working against us - perhaps only our own blazing speed creating the wind. Right!

The route led through farmlands on relatively narrow, poorly maintained but decent roads with minimal traffic. A good rest day for tomorrow's 121 mile ride to Lebanon, Indiana that looks like little climbing. The wind early is for a light headwind, but swinging around to the side by mid-morning. The wind forecasts have not been very reliable, so by getting a really early start again (5:15)  they hope to knock off the 20 -30 miles before they even wake up (well, almost).

I got a chance to enjoy the good riding today with a 31 mile ride, going back to meet them and back before the 36 mile mark SAG, then going another 5 with them after. 


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