Another great day

Day 23: Richmond to Marysville, Ohio, 103 miles.

Today was one of the easiest 103 miles on the bikes, the guys said. They headed north out of Richmond to catch a State route (36) at mile 12.6, then followed that all the way to Marysville. There was a bit of navigating to do in Marysville, but not too much. We had selected the route using the night before, as we did not have a cue sheet. It worked wonderfully, and was much better than the route would have been using the "bike" option using, with the turns every 2-3 miles.

So, they spent to day on Route, 36, with decent roads, and a mostly helpful wind (and in some stretches, a VERY helpful wind). The route was dotted with small towns which the guys loved. They stopped for breakfast in one small town and had a great time with the locals. Others, they stopped in for drinks or snacks.

I parked in St. Paris and rode back about 10 miles to meet them, than back to the truck with them for a total of about 20. I started the day getting Jerry to the Columbus Airport to fly home, then drove back to the route to assist the guys, if needed (which they didn't, all day).

We are missing page 2 of the cue sheet, so we have selected our own route for tomorrow again, and are keeping our fingers crossed that it works as well as today's did. The winds should again be on their backs, so with a 99 mile route, it should be another wonderful day for the guys.

We hope all you mothers out there that are reading this have had a great Mothers' Day!


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