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Day 20: Lebanon to Richmond, Indiana, 110 miles

Today involved a lot of suburban Indianapolis traffic in the morning, so pretty slow travel, but with decent winds. The rest of the day the wind helped, not like the 208 mile day, but it was all good. The road went through pretty rural country with several small towns along the way. It was not a hard day for anyone.

Today is the last day we have Jerry with us, as he needs to return home. I will drive him to the Columbus airport for a 11:15 flight. We will miss him. At age 71, he is an inspiration, and being able to tell people about these guys is one of the reasons I agreed to support them on this trip.

Tomorrow we go 103 miles to Marysville, Ohio along a route we had to make up, as we had no cue sheets from prior rides. It looks easy, so we hope for the best. The winds are forecast to be favorable, with a possible thunderstorm around 10:00. Wish us the best!


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