I think I can, I think I can, I think I can....

Day 30: Amsterdam, New York to Keene, New Hampshire, 128 miles, 7072' of climbing.

Today was a long day in the saddle, with not much wind to contend with, but with lots of climbing, rain off and on, and lots of little towns and turns to slow you down.

They rode along portions of the Erie Canal, and crossed the Hudson River, then into Vermont at about mile 59, and into New Hampshire about mile 108. There was some great scenery.
Beautiful granite church
White marble church in Proctor, Vermont we didn't see :)

There were some long hills up with good descents. But the theme of the day was one rain shower after another, with drier spells in between. With warmer temperatures (high 62's and low 70's, except at the summits of the climbs), the rain was not as chilling as yesterday. The roads were decent for the most part with long stretches of smooth, wide shoulders, other than 15 miles of construction during the longest climb, where the road had been scored to help the 1" asphalt overlay to adhere, causing a rough surface to ride upon.

Tomorrow looks like a great day, with 115 miles to go to the beach, with little or no wind, but with a 1300' climb and 47 degrees to start, but sunny and nice later.

Then, the trek home...


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