Just "git 'er done" day

Day 28: Batavia to Liverpool, New York, 125 miles.

A 5:38 start, with light winds in their faces, 48 degrees.

This was a "grind her out" day for both of them. Each chose their own speed which would minimize the stress and pain for their bodies. Ken was a bit ahead after 30 miles where they stopped for some grub.

There was some good scenery, as we passed some of New York's famed "Finger Lakes" that stretched far to the south. But the theme was "just git 'er done".  I stayed in the motel to finish the 4th of the textbooks I had brought to read, to take a walk, and then drove to the town of Geneva at the 65 mile mark (at the north end of Seneca Lake). When I didn't find either of them, and not knowing whether they were ahead or behind me, I drove on, but received a call from Ken, saying he was in Geneva. We arranged to meet at the 76 mile mark for something to eat,

As we exited the restaurant, we spied Phil biking on past. so Ken took off to catch him. I drove ahead and stopped so they could get water or whatever else they needed. Arm warmers and a few other pieces of clothing went into the truck, but the temperatures never got about abut 74 all day, so it made for comfortable temperatures to ride most of the day.

Ken arrive in Liverpool about 3:30 and Phil around 5:00. Phil was some delayed by being directed to the wrong Super 8 in the small town of Liverpool, population 2500. There was over 4800' of climbing for the day, so with the headwinds that increased during the day, it was not an easy day.

Tomorrow may be a challenge, as it is predicting temperatures in the 50's all day, and rain off and on most of the day. 120 miles to Amsterdam could be more than they care to endure tomorrow. Stay tuned!


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