"Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore" - not since we crossed the Missouri River

Day 14: Topeka, Kansas to St. Joseph, Missouri, 85 miles

Another early cool start. Rode through the town of Topeka a bit to get out of the country, including through a construction zone. Then up and down, up and down, most of the day on decent roads.

Nothing too remarkable to tell about, until Phil suggested they take a short cut along Hwy. 59, instead of following the cue sheet. In contrast to many of my "long cuts", this ended up cutting about 4 miles off the route, and missed a LOT of up and downs along the planned route. The short cut joined the cue sheet route in St. Joseph and along the bike route along the Southwest Parkway for about 6 miles, so getting through the city was not as bad as it looked like it would be on the map.

So, getting ready for a long day tomorrow, 145 miles with a lot of ups and downs, and forecast a slight headwind all the way. Whooeeeee!


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